Constantia Glen Wine Farm


The remarkable cool climate location, close proximity to the sea, altitude and diverse aspects
are some of Constantia Glen’s richest assets. All these, coupled with complex soil patterns,
shape the character and style of the fine and distinctive wines.

A comprehensive soil survey conducted by viticultural experts Dawid Saayman, Eben Archer and
Andrew Teubes, the latter staying on as viticultural consultant, revealed an almost perfect environment for the
cultivation of high quality dryland vineyards. The clay-rich subsoil allows for excellent water holding capacity.
Most of the vineyard blocks are planted on sites characterised by decomposed granite subsoils.
A feature of these mica-rich soils is their ability to impart a wonderful minerality to the wine.

Each vintage grown, vinified, and bottled at Constantia Glen shows a clear "fingerprint"
of its unique terroir offering wines of balance, elegance and remarkable character.

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